Construction workers putting up wood walls

What we do best, where it helps the most. is committed to empowering the construction industry and the communities it serves.

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Construction workers putting up wood walls
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Who we are.

Procore was built by listening to the expert knowledge of the construction community and we believe it’s our responsibility to give back to the industry that was instrumental in shaping our success.

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What we do.

We create continuing education courses for the trades and skilled labor, and we offer access to our products for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

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How we help.

We believe that our efforts to provide education, training, and access to technology will positively impact our industry and serve the larger construction community.

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Laying a foundation for new skills.

As more projects require construction professionals to engage with the latest tools and technology, it becomes more important to encourage their tech literacy. That’s why offers training to equip the industry’s workforce for the jobsite of tomorrow.

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From the classroom to the jobsite.

Tech proficiency is no longer optional for students pursuing a degree in architecture, engineering, or construction. provides universities with the training, tools, and certifications designed to get students up to speed with the latest tech. We believe that better equipping these future construction professionals is the best way to inspire the workforce’s next generation.

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Making it easier to make a difference

Non-profit builders and charitable organizations are no less deserving of cutting edge tech. Tools designed to improve efficiency can make a difference where staff is spread too thin and resources are limited. That’s why we provide access to the Procore platform, training, and all the certifications necessary to optimize their projects throughout the world.

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Advocates for inclusion.

We believe in building a culture that honors and values differences. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging is necessary for innovation and provides an advantage to an industry looking to attract new workers. seeks to expand the definition of what it looks like to work in construction. We support various industry organizations and efforts that empower our workforce, actively challenge bias, and work to grow our labor pool.

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