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Closing the tech gap for non-profit organizations helps budget-strapped charities do more with less.

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Helping those who help others.

The work being done by non-profit builders and other charitable organizations is too important to be performed with antiquated instruments. Tools designed to improve efficiency can make a difference where staff is spread too thin and resources are limited. To assist worthy causes with technology that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive, non-profit builders have access to Procore’s full platform and support services, in addition to the tools, training, and certifications necessary to optimize their projects throughout the world.

We're just getting started.

These numbers might tell a story of what we’ve done, but they also show how much more is possible.

136 Affiliates

146 Affiliates

146 Habitat for Humanity affiliates are currently using Procore.

482 Homes Built

482 Homes Built

Team Rubicon has built 482 homes in disaster zones using Procore.

100+ Veteran Projects

100+ Veteran Projects

Purple Heart Homes remotely manages 100+ projects with Procore, many 600+ miles away.

“With Procore we’re able to communicate seamlessly with our field workers because it’s a cloud-based application that works across all mobile devices.”

Gary Blais

Habitat for Humanity + Habitat for Humanity


Partnership Offers Habitat Complete Access to Procore


Habitat for Humanity Featured on the #95 at Atlanta


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We take requests.

If you know a non-profit or charitable organization that could benefit from access to Procore, let us know (please note, at this time Procore is only able to make in kind product donations—no monetary contributions).